Xera is a character from Vindictive Drive, she is a defective Hybrid Helper Robot and plays an important role in the extra game, "Freija's Destroyer Eureka", she also appears in MetalBird Tactics, as the hybrid unit from the Confederation.

Origin[edit | edit source]

Xera, codenamed "Galick Zero" was originally a human modified with mechanical parts from the Galick series, to serve as an elite assault unit for military purposes, her name was taken from the cancelled military project with the same name.

With older and experimental technologies, Xera had to endure painful side effects product of the unethical practices in the laboratories, which were worse and for longer time than Eureka.

Just like Eureka, Xera has mechanical pieces replacing various missing parts of her body, including half of her torso, right arm, left forearm and hand, and both legs.

In F.D.E., set ten years in the past, Xera reveals details of Eureka's origin, teaches her to control her power and helps her to escape the old military base of the project.

It is believed that Xera is a friend of Genevieve Fern, although little details are revealed about this.

The project Xera lost support of the SEITEN because of the high numbers of mutated and deceased individuals product of the misuse of radiation and robotic technologies, it was finally discovered by the government and was shut down by the just elected president Charles Mourne, thanks to Genevieve's investigation.

The project was scraped by the paramilitary group and restarted with the name "Eureka", using now more advanced technologies and the Knightframe Series as model.

Personality[edit | edit source]

As result of years being treated like a laboratory tool, Xera developed an intense phobia against humans and an extremely hostile behavior when she isn't restrained, only feeling comfortable to talk with individuals in the same or similar situations.

Her speech and communication capabilities are severely crippled because of trauma, she values the right of freedom over everything and wants to teach others about it.

Physical appearance(wip)[edit | edit source]

Xera is shown wearing an old Scarlet Snail Seiten uniform, she has very pale skin, brown and white hair and red eyes.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Notice: Xera's relationships happened longer over decade before the main events in Vindictive Drive.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Xera's abilities are similar to Eureka's, but with emphasis in close ranged combat, having very destructive firepower and a magnetic shield, she can also gain invisibility for short periods of time.

  • Blasticade: Creates chain explosions in a straight line covering a wide area.
  • Katatsumuri: A big mid range beam, Xera uses it to execute Kando.
  • Invisibility: Xera can become invisible, she becomes much faster while she is in this state.
  • Snail Rage: Xera showers the area with dozens of Katatsumuri shots anihilating anything in sight, it's a very draining attack that leaves her very tired and vulnerable to counter attacks.
  • Self-destruct: Detonation of the Core Unit in her shell(Shoulder armor piece), a weapon of mass destruction.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

The old SEITEN emblem of the Xera project is a snail, and she happens to have a piece of armor with a snail shell's shape

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