War of Existence is a Sci-fi/Psychological/Action game released by Balthasar02 in 2016, the game is

set up in a post apocalyptic scenario, with focus on existentialism and featuring a Real Time Action battle system.

A complete remaster and expansion of the game is being developed right now, for more info visit: War of Existence: Fall of the Saints

Plot/Details Edit

The Divine Entity that rules the universe judged humans as an evil race and declared their extinction

The story follows a mysterious girl and a swordsman in the struggle for survival.

As consequence of the Divine desicion, an army of beasts invade the planet, commanded by a division of the inter-dimensional commando known as The Saint Elite

Because of several suspicious incidents in the Elite, the Divine Entity revived a human soldier named Seki, to investigate a possible conspiracy against them. 

They blessed him with powers superior to the average Saint Elite ranks, and removed most of his human emotions, to ensure his obedience, and to erase any kind of sympathy or mercy he could feel for humans, since their fate was already decided. 

In the middle of the chaos of a city invaded by monsters, Seki finds a mysterious girl, Azul, he saves her life and decides to take her with him, only because she seemed to be directly related to the incidents in the Saint Elite.

Game features Edit

  • A real time action battle system based on hotkeys, forcing the player to rely on skill and reaction to survive. 
  • 4 usable characters with different mechanics.
  • Fast moving scenarios and story, with lots of action. 
  • Diverse weapons, from melee to firearms and explosives. 
  • A lot of illustrations. 
  • Multiple endings.(6) 
  • From 4 to 7 hours of gameplay.

Characters Edit

Reception Edit

The game was received very well, with very positive reviews and earning a few dedicated fans.

User Review Score(Extended Version)
Site Score
RMN 4/5
IndieDB 8/10 5/5

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