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Secret Society Games (Formerly known as Patchy Illusion Team) is an independent game development team founded by Balthasar02, the original creator of War of Existence and Chesir, a dedicated dōjin translator.

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Secret Society Games is currently reviewing games. The review system was recently rebooted and is now in Alpha stage. Follow Secret Society Games' Steam Curator for the latest reviews.


On September 11, 2018, Secret Society Games rebooted Doujinchan, aftter nearly 5 years of its first instance, an anonymous imageboard for game developers and doujin enthusiasts, the site was later moved to Uboachan's servers.


Patchy Illusion Team was a game & art producer group created in early 2013 by Balthasar, Chesir and Patchy. Later that year, other members started to join.

The group was disbanded in March 2016 due to lack of interest from several members and many canceled projects.

Secret Society Games  was created that same year, with serious rules of admittance, product control, and support, encouraging its members to develop their projects with commitment and passion.

The name "Patchy Illusion Team " was used once more for the team members dedicated to translating japanese games and manga lead by Chesir and hosted by Uboachan.

Since then, the team has successfully produced two games-one of them published by SometimesYou on Steam- and several translations.


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