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Samanta is one of the main characters of War of Existence and the main character of the cancelled prequel, Path of Humanity. She's a human soldier who discovered the human traitors in the army, leader of the resistance forces and Commander of the last human army after the Battle of the Saint Elite Tower.

Origin/Background in Path of Humanity[]

Samanta was a soldier of the South Peak Republic while the events in Path of Humanity took place, Samanta and Seki infiltrated a human military laboratory, where she discovered the treason of the human commanders, and the experiments with humans of the new generation prototypes, including Raid.

This discovery made her a primary target of the Saint Elite, a whole squad of the Division Six was deployed to hunt her.

Her team was cornered in an abandoned building and slain one by one, she tried to cover Seki's escape in a suicidal fight against Laguna, where she attempted to kill him by immolating herself with a grenade in close range.

As product of the encounter with Laguna, Samanta suffered a lot of damage, severe blood loss, and lost her right arm, but survived thanks to Sabrina's help.

After a painful rehabilitation, during the Battle of the Saint Elite Tower, she joined Seki, Azul and Sabrina in the rebellion againt the manipulated members of Division Six.


Samanta is a sour woman who acts tough to cover a sensitive and insecure nature, she had problems with alcohol and problems in the army due to her insubordinate attitude.

Samanta fears being hurt and resents people easily, reason why even though she was very close to Seki in Path of Humanity, she acts distant when he appears as a Human Variant, because of his resemblance with Saint Elite members, and she has a prejudice against the Saint Elite as a whole.

As shown in Path of Humanity and one of the bad endings in War of Existence, "Erste's World", Samanta is very courageous and willing to fight until her last breath, even in very inferior conditioins.

Physical appearance[]

Samanta is often seen with her army uniform, she has long black hair and a red, star shaped piercing in her left ear.


  • Seki: Samanta's childhood friend.
  • Azul:They become friends quickly and Samanta feels relief after avenging Raid's death.
  • Sabrina: Samanta antagonizes Sabrina constantly, calling her "gothic doll" and mocking her relationship with Seki, they are strategical allies and after War of Existence they become friends as shown in the aftermath.
  • Lino Gaunter: Strategical ally, Samanta finds Lino wounded and she borrows her right arm in exchange for medical attention, Lino also produced Scud Bullets for Samanta, they become friends after the Battle of the Saint Elite Tower
  • Laguna: Enemy, Samanta holds a grudge against him because of the events in Path of Humanity.
  • BB: Enemy, one of the most persistent threats she had to face in Path of Humanity.
  • Erste: Enemy.


Military training:

Samanta is skilled in the use of most firearms and close ranged combat, however, she's still a mere human and not comparable with most of the combatants in the Battle of the Saint Elite tower, reason of why she needs to rely on stealth and explosives.

  • Scud powered rifle: To make her disadvantages less notable, and with Lino's help, Samanta adapts Scud powered shells in a 14.9×76mm round for a .577 Tyrannosaur rifle. The impact of said bullet is as strong as Azul's standard Scud Blast before her merging with Raid. She manages to kill Kraken with this, being the only human capable of killing a low rank Saint Elite member.