The Rules of admittance and behavior are meant to set a standard of dedicated, responsible and ethically trustworthy people as members of the team. These may slightly change depending on each case:


  1. Have at least one released project.
  2. Have a clean history of personal and public conduct.
  3. Don't look down on other developers/artists because of your personal achievements.
  4. Be active in social media or easy to contact.
  5. Be respectful of other members' activities, we have members working on game development, animation, translation and cosplay.
  6. Have the intention of releasing new products.
  7. You may represent the team in a completely honest manner.
  8. Treat the other members with respect.
  9. If you are going into a hiatus, notify the team about it, not doing so will result in a ban after 30 days of complete silence.
  10. If you are not in a hiatus, try to be active in the chat or tell us how you are doing from time to time.
  11. If you are in active development, have the intention of engaging in cross-promotion with the other members.

Benefits of being a member

  • Cross promotion/advertising.
  • Technical/creative assistance and criticism.
  • Beta testing.
  • Deveopment of a professional image, attractive for possible partnerships.

Additional details about the rules

We require our members to have at least one released product, either free or commercial, and to have the intention or releaseing new products(rules 1 and 6) because as a growing team we aim to extend our library and provide entertainment. "Passionate Idea Guys" are not allowed in the team, regardless of how passionate they look.

We ask our members to not look down on other developers or artists because of personal achievements(rule 3) because being confident is fine, but being overly cocky ends building up a bad image and there's always a bigger fish looking, either inside or outside the team, and trust me, it looks ridiculous.

We ask our members to be honest when representing the team in public(rule 7) because on top of wanting a good image, we want honest people working with us, no one wants people impersonating members or stealing their works.

If you have any questions contact Bal at

How to join Secret Society Games

  1. Make sure you understand the rules and guideliness listed in this page.
  2. Contact any of the team members.
  3. If everything goes well, you'll be contacted for an interview either in Discord or IRC, so the other team members can know more about you.
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