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Natsuki Fujioka (16 years old) - The current leader of the occult club, despite not believing in the supernatural herself. She knows how to be serious, but sometimes she has a hard time reading the mood and will try to crack a joke at the least opportune moments. She dedicates her time to arranging fun activities for the club and roping everybody into roleplaying adventures whenever they have time to kill.

Natsuki was paralyzed from the waist down after being thrown over the stair railing in her house during a deadly physical altercation with her abusive father. While she tries to live her life to the fullest, she can't help but feel restricted to her wheelchair and feels powerless when she's needed most.

Her symbol is the throne.

- - -


  • Inherited her position as the leader of the occult club after it was passed down to her by Kagari
  • An avid daydreamer and writer, seeking to gain some recognition one day with her work
  • Highly critical of the education system and the conservative, nationalistic nature of Japan's political landscape