Magical Girl: Engelskrone is a fantasy game in development by Balthasar02 and Mori Fae, with real time action mechanics, the game focuses on five magical girls and the legend of the Angel's Crown.

Summary Edit

A long time ago, the magical leak that connected our world to the world of demons was broken, causing these to invade, a mysterious angel named Airi defeated the evil forces, but the leader, a Wicked Knight, casted a powerful spell that broke her crown into five pieces, and sealing her away within the magical leak.

It is said that when the forces of darkness return, five girls of pure heart will emerge to fight for Airi's will, and so the legend rewrites itself.

Main Characters Edit

  • Freya Engel
  • Loretta Schulze
  • Carmine lisle
  • Lynette Coco
  • Ciel Dagomure

Other characters Edit

  • Airi
  • Wicked knight
  • Vampire Hunter
  • Vampire Queen
  • Ivis Heikkinen
  • Vampire Elder

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