Kameko Yukishiro is one of the main characters in Battle of Instinct, she is a shrine maiden from the Meiji Japan, who seemengly joins the All-Time Tournament to stop the religious war in her region.

Origin Edit

Kameko lived a modest life in a region stained with prejudice and conflict between religions, groups of fundamentalists abused the recent controls of the Meiji government over shrines and property to attack them with impunity, from a very young age, Kameko learned improvised ways of defending herself and the shrine, the continuous attacks on her family turned her into a cold blooded fighter, notorious for her speed and feared by criminals.

It is said that she is the reencarnation of a legendary shrine maiden who returns after defending her land against evil demigods, wielding an indestructible turtle-shaped shield, that rests in the bottom of the cascade behind the Yukishiro Shrine, that has been fed by minerals from a star that fell from the sky for over a thousand years, turning it into the strongest material known by mortals.

In the All-Time Tournament, she is the only fighter that will seek more than one way of acheiving her wish.

Physical appearance Edit

Kameko wears a traditional shrine maiden outfit, her turtle shaped shied and has golden eyes.

Personality Edit

Kameko is a very formal and serious person, although she has a wide sense of humor when the opportunity arises and can act with arrogance against people she dislikes and rivals. She loves animals and has an old, big tortoise as pet.

Abilities Edit

Kameko is the fastest mortal in the tournament, and that is represented by the speed of her reaction in game, which is only 10 frames.

  • Life Sealing Amulet: She uses poisoned amulets as weapons.
  • Mortal Level Shinsoku: The fastest mortal in the tournament, she can reduce the terrain between her and the enemy almost instantly.
  • Turtle Bullet: Her signature technique, a fast, violent shield bash created to maximize destructive power whilst minimizing the user's exposure to strikes. However, due to the fact that the user runs straight ahead to perform an attack with her left arm, there is a small blind spot that leaves the right side of her body exposed while the move is being performed.
  • Black Turtle Amulet: Highly explosive amulets with gunpowder.
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