Genevieve Fern is one of the key characters in Vindictive Drive, she is Arris Fern's mother, a prodigy scientist, founder of Freija, creator of the Biokernel and the Netframe for medical and surleivance purposes.

Origin/Background Edit

Genevieve was a smart and kind woman, and a caring mother and wife, she was Alicia and Amy's friend when she founded the first Freija Medical Center and Pharmacy, she was already married to Charles Mourne and had a 10 years old child, Arris, when she was killed by her husband.

Legacy(Spoilers) Edit

Genevieve was very rich in character, her legacy was notable and changed the lives of many, Freija quickly became an important international corporation that generated jobs for many, also the economical success of Freija gave his husband enough power to run and win the presidency.

She raised Arris with love and care, she taught her the importance of life, her last words before dying were "Arris live", password of the Galick Key, which grants access to the Biokernel, these words come back to Arris' mind often.

Genevieve's teachings allowed Arris to survive her suicidal tendencies, and after realizing the worth of her own life, start caring about the lives of others, which made Arris decide to stop with her plan of destroying the city by granting the Biokernel immediate access to Mourne's armory, reducing it's arsenal to only one missile. Arris was able to also pass Genevieve's knowledge to Eureka, who seemed destined to go through the same path of violence Arris had.

Personality Edit

Genevieve was a kind hearted woman, often way too kind and forgiving, with a very similar personality than Luna Herz, one of the reasons Luna is the only person who manages to get through Arris' ears during the game.

Physical appearance Edit

Genevieve is mostly seen with her Freija adminitsrative uniform, the japanese kanji for "truth" can be read on her left shoulder, she had pale skin, long green hair and eyes.

Relationships Edit

  • Arris Fern: Genevieve's daughter
  • Alicia Fields: Close friends
  • Amy Mourne: Close friends
  • Charles Mourne: Genevieve's husband
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