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Flowers for Kasumi(Cancelled) is an RPG/Puzzle/Mystery game created by Notoh(Previously Nedras), the game makes emphasis in characters' background and development and its mystery elements.


The game tells the story of titular girl, Kasumi, and how her life ended so abruptly. The game takes place in the fictional town of Kumashina, a small town that holds a grave secret. In the midst of fall, protagonists Isa Okino and Omoka Akamine will unearth the secrets behind Kasumi, and the truth behind her death. 


  • Two playable protagonists 
  • One single ending 
  • 2-3 hours of gameplay 
  • Cutscene Graphics 


  • Isa Okino 
  • Omoka Akamine 
  • Asaka Yamane
  • Issei Adachi
  • Kaori Yajima
  • Kasumi Erizawa
  • Konuma Erizawa
  • Niko Arata
  • Rise Enoki

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