Erika Lasker is one of the main characters in Battle of Instinct, her rapier and determination will be one of the toughest threats in the tournament.

Origin Edit

Erika is a german fencer from a distant future, and probably one of the combatants with the most tragic motivations. Her timeline is set in a post apocalyptic scenario with an endless night because of pollution and nuclear war, where only a few thousands of humans are alive.

She joins the All Time Tournament to save her planet from total imminent destruction by an asteroid. The tournament barely has enough time for her wish, and she races against time. She is the youngest fighter in the tournament with only 19 years old. However, the hardships in her timeline turned her into a mature warrior.

Her timeline is different from ours in many ways. The most notorious detail being the fact Adolf Hitler won WW2, and thus he made Germany extended its territory and formed an union of nations with the conquered territories. Now, many generations in the future, history books portray him as the hero who saved the continent from the Allied invasion.

Her great grandad, Berdhard "Bernd" Lasker, was an ace pilot in the Luftwaffe, and remembered with pride by her family. He is a source of inspiration for her thanks to the stories she heard from her parents about him.

These details will make some of the the 20th century fighters discriminate her and treat her as a villain, even though she completely ignores the political and social backgrounds of the war.

Physical appearance Edit

Erika is very short, wears a female Albatross Division uniform from the Union of German Republics.

Personality Edit

Erika is polite and educated in her world. However, she acts hostile and tough in front of the other combatants due to panic, reason of why she can't be very social in the events of the game.

Abilities Edit

Erika is a prodigy fencer with very fast reaction who wields an electronic Krupp steel rapier with magnetic devices to mess with enemy weapons and timing.

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