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Chaos X is a composer musician from the Monterrey, Mexico area, he is part of both the local Punk Rock scene and the local Alternative Entertainment scene.


He started his career early at age 13 with his own band, and studied Musical Production at age 18, since then, he developed his style influenced by diverse styles and aesthetic, such as Punk Rock, New Wave, Indie Midwestern and Jazz/Bossa among others.

In Corona Capital 2017 he got onstage to sing Longview with Green Day.

He also has experience in production of BGM and BGS for videogames, he's currently working on his second collaboration with a developer, this time alongside Balthasar02 for the game War of Existence: Fall of the Saints.


REalM: Walk of Soul - Composer & Musician 2013
Radio Republika - Vocalist 2014
Aliknt - Vocalist 2014
Yume Nikki EP - Composer & Musician 2019